Side Effects of Low Carb Diet on Your Body

Thinking of starting a low carb diet? Well, it certainly is a good idea as it helps to shed some extra pounds as well as reduces the risk of life-threatening diseases such as cancer, type-2 diabetes and heart diseases. However, there may be some side effects when you switch from a normal diet to a low carb one. Wait, do not get discouraged because these side effects are only temporary and will disappear as soon as your body becomes habitual of more proteins and fats, and less carbohydrates.

Following are the side effects which may trouble you when you switch to a low carb diet.


Once you adapt the low carb diet, your body will start burning the stored glucose in your body. This process generally releases a lot of water and eventually, your kidneys will start getting rid of it. So, be prepared for more frequent urination until your body get accustomed to the change of diet.


Increased urination will result in the loss of essential minerals from your body, specifically magnesium and sodium. This may give rise to painful muscle cramps. Also, you might experience accelerated heart rate and palpitations. Hence, make sure that your body is getting enough electrolytes and minerals when you go low carb.

low-carb-diet Side Effects of Low Carb Diet on Your Body


Low carb diet means adding more of proteins and fats in your diet and abandoning the fibers. Your body might not take this drastic change so well, causing your digestive tract to become upset and this may result in either constipation or diarrhea.


Your blood sugar level may go down when you start a low carb diet because now, there is not enough insulin to take care of the sugar. This may seem a little problematic but it is all a part of the temporary symptoms.


While on a low carb diet, you might initially find trouble in sleeping properly. The reason behind this is low insulin and serotonin levels. For this, you can simply eat some snacks containing both protein and carbohydrate, before you go to sleep. This will increase your insulin level and you will sleep peacefully.


On a low carb diet, your body is forced to burn proteins and fats for energy. This might lead to the possibility for ketones to get accumulated in the body and eventually due to lack of insulin, you might become a diabetic patient.


Since the kidneys perform the function of filtering out the proteins from the body, increasing the protein intake might cause the kidneys to get strained and damaged. This is particularly risky if you already have any kidney issues.


As a natural consequence of low carb diet and less eating, your T3 thyroid hormone levels may also decrease. As already stated, these side effects are not permanent therefore, they should not stop you or make you back away from the state of ketosis or low carb diet. These symptoms will go away within few days and your body will get rid of extra fats, making you smarter yet healthier.




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