7 Nutrient-Packed Animal Organs You Should Not Hesitate to Eat

The thought of chewing and swallowing actual animal organs may be quite disturbing or rather disgusting for most of you. Well, it should not be. When you do not hesitate to eat the whole animal, and lick the meat off its bones, you should also not mind eating its organs. One good reason to start eating these animal organs is that they contain a lot of nutrients, probably more than you can get from anywhere! They are not only rich in proteins but also contain high amounts of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and essential amino acids.

Below is a list of some animal organs which are begging to not being thrown away this Eid. So, gather up some courage and become lionhearted because the following list is surely going to test your limits.

  1. TONGUE:

Let us start with the lusty and muscular, little piece of meat which you must be expecting to fulfil its only purpose of sweeping in the food from around the mouth. Well, to your surprise, it is one high fat and vitamin B12 containing animal organ. You won’t start talking like a cow or a goat after eating it, so what is the worst that could happen? Start eating animal tongues, you will love these for the nutrients they possess.

  1. HEART:

The animals’ hearts are calling out for you, please do not break them. They have a lot to offer, probably everything you are looking for in a healthy meal. The animal hearts are rich in protein, folate, thiamine, phosphorus, zinc, Coenzyme Q10 and B vitamins. Although, this organ might not look very appealing but looks do not matter, yeah? It is the inside that matters and believe us, its inside is filled with nutrients.

  1. LIVER:

Another delicious and healthy animal organ that you must try is the liver. Other than protein, it is a great source of vitamin A, folic acid, copper and iron. It can turn you into a superman by increasing your stamina and energy, and decreasing exhaustion.


The animals’ kidneys are the same as yours; two in number, hired to filter waste materials and toxins out of the body except for the fact that theirs is edible. Not just edible but one of the healthiest and most nutrient-containing organ! It will supply you with maximum proteins and minimum fats.

  1. BRAIN:

Eat brains and become double smart. Contrary to how much disgusting it sounds to eat a brain, you will regret not doing so after we tell you that it contains an oil which makes people smarter in adulthood if consumed in the childhood days. Well, it is never too late. Start eating now so that you have enough ‘brains’ in future to make sure your children do not regret the same. The animal brain also contains healthy fats, protein, vitamins B5 and B12, and minerals such as copper and selenium.

  1. TRIPE:

Tripe is the lining of animal stomach. Before you revolt and think of it as sickening, remember those people who eat living worms. You will be doing nothing closer to that level but this stomach lining may look like spongy worms. Although this image might give you goosebumps but on the brighter side, you will get an excellent dose of proteins, potassium and other minerals.


We decided to list the only animal organ with a sweet name as the last one, hoping you would at least like the sound of it. But oh well, names can be so deceiving! This organ meat is either from the thymus gland or the pancreas. However, it does taste a bit sweet and is rich in protein, with considerable amounts of fat and cholesterol.






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